Exploring Amish Design Across Stateliness | Woodworking | Fenton

Craftsmanship Across Stateliness: Exploring Amish Design Across States

This Amish tradition flourishes within the heartlands of Ohio and Indiana, with artisans honing their craft through generations of apprenticeships and familial teachings. The Amish communities of these states have become synonymous with quality woodworking, blending time-honored techniques with a commitment to excellence. Yet, their influence isn’t confined to state lines. Michigan and Pennsylvania also […]

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The Lasting Trend of Amish Furniture Making | Fenton Home

Shaker Style & Quality Craftsmanship: The Lasting Trend of Amish Furniture Making

Shaker-style furniture illustrates the endless charm of simplicity and quality craftsmanship. Originating from the beliefs and practices of the Shaker religious community in the 18th century. This furniture style has surpassed time and trends, captivating customers with its clean lines, functional designs, and detailed craftsmanship. Shaker furniture reflects a profound appreciation for the beauty of […]

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