4 Signs You Should Look at New Recliners on Sale

There are plenty of reasons you might be in the market for a new recliner. It’s no secret that kicking back after a hard day’s work in one of the recliners on sale at Fenton Home Furnishings is an excellent way to de-stress. Here are four key indicators that it’s time for a new favorite chair for your home!

Little to No Back Support

One of the biggest indicators that your recliner needs an upgrade is if you find yourself getting up from it with a backache. Ideally, a recliner should support your back, legs, and neck completely while reclining. Additionally, the chair should cup you and help you relax even when in an upright position. If your favorite recliner isn’t supporting you, it’s time to find a new one.

Pet Dander, Hair, or Odors

Another reason you may want to change your favorite seat in the house is if it’s also your pet’s favorite seat. Years of pet hair, dander, and dirt can make a chair less-than-welcoming to relax in. If you feel like your standard cleaning routine isn’t removing odors from your recliner or leaving untouched stains, consider browsing new recliners on sale.

General Wear and Tear

Another obvious reason to change your recliner is general wear and tear after years of repeated daily use. If your recliner is anything like most, it may see hours of daily use. After many years, that chair has put in a lot of work to help make you comfortable while watching your favorite sports, TV shows, and movies. Finding a new recliner at Fenton Home Furnishings once yours shows signs of wear will help keep your home looking great and give you additional comfort.

Updating Your Living Room’s Color Scheme or Aesthetic

In 2020, the global revenue for the furniture industry was 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars, according to Statista. This statistic demonstrates that updating your home’s furniture is a great way to instantly improve your common living space. If your old recliner doesn’t match your new aesthetic or color scheme, ditch it for a new recliner that does!

Updating your favorite chair for something that offers you plenty of support and a clean place to rest after work is a great way to improve how you kick back and relax. Browse new recliners on sale at Fenton Furnishings for your home today!