Fenton Home Furnishings | Michigan | 1979

Fenton Home Furnishings 1979

Gerry Willey had always dreamed of opening his own furniture store, and on April 1st, 1979, it became reality.

He worked hard to make his small store a success. He grew Fenton Home Furnishings slowly and steadily starting as an inexpensive place to buy home furnishings. Today, there are 4 locations. Each store is unique and offers only superior quality furniture.

Through the support of his family, the stores have prospered. His sons are now carrying on the family furniture business.

It is also the employees who give Fenton Home Furnishings that comfortable, family atmosphere. Much credit is due to the managers who personally pride themselves on their stores. Together they have been with Fenton Home Furnishings over 30 years.

With the active family involvement and the outstanding management and employees, Fenton Home Furnishings continues be the furniture store to buy distinctive upper quality furniture in a comfortable family atmosphere.