Amish Furniture Design & 4 Features You Might Not Know About

Amish Furniture Design & 4 Features You Might Not Know About. The Amish are known for being experts in furniture design and crafting, creating quality, durable pieces that are beautifully designed.  Amish-made furniture adds elegance and warmth to any room in the home, and it’s easy to harmoniously add it to your existing furniture set.

If you’re interested in adding an Amish furniture piece to your home, here is some information about the design and furniture making process.

Flawless, Solid Wood

As Amish furniture makers take their craft seriously, this furniture is only made with solid wood. Amish furniture design is known to stand the test of time, so you will not see their furniture crafted from common household materials like particleboard or MDF.  It’s made to be passed down to the next generation.

Eco-Friendly Designs

Amish carpenters use sustainably harvested, locally sourced wood and even use natural varnishes, like low-VOC (volatile organic compounds), to finish their crafted furniture.  Even the heirloom approach allows generations to pass furniture down from generation to generation, minimizing waste.

Non-Electric Power Tools

You may know that the Amish typically do not use modern-day conveniences like electricity – and this extends into furniture making.  Instead of power tools, Amish furniture makers use pneumatic tools that run on compressed air and fueled by a diesel engine.  In addition, many craftsmen also use commonplace hand tools like chisels, saws, and hammers.  This wide variety of tools enables the Amish to detail their furniture intricately and precisely, giving you a customized piece for your home.

Nail and Screwless  

You may be surprised to hear that Amish furniture makers do not use nails or screws in their craft. The Amish woodworkers tend to use other techniques such as dovetails, rabbets, and mortise-and-tenon joinery instead of nails.  With expertise and wood glue reinforcement, these joint techniques can actually be more durable than the typical nailed joints as seen with most furniture.  Amish joinery techniques also give the furniture a seamless look.

Fenton Home Furnishings is one of the top places in Michigan to purchase Amish furniture.  We work with individuals that craft furniture by hand, and each of our stores displays Amish wood and hardware to make your furniture choice easier.  Whether you are looking for an heirloom piece or fusion dining design, let us help you compliment your home with customized Amish furniture.