Archbold’s Approach To Furniture

Archbold Furniture has the perfect collections that pair traditional, local Amish wood making with modern finishing.  They are committed to providing high-quality furniture that lasts for generations – all at an affordable price.

From bedroom collections to dressers and home office desks to dining room tables, Archbold Furniture offers a wide variety of local Amish furniture pieces for your home.  You can easily purchase a standard Amish piece or choose a “design-your-own” piece that is customized to your preferences.  Plus, if you’re having trouble envisioning what your upgraded home can look like with new Amish furniture additions, you can browse the online Virtual Amish Showroom.

Fenton Home Furnishings collaborates with Archbold Furniture to bring you the best local Amish furniture Michigan has to offer.  You can view all Archbold Amish furniture collections below or visit the Archbold Furniture site to see all available furniture.

Archbold Quality Amish Furniture

Archbold Furniture Company has been hand-crafting local Amish furniture for over 100 years.  Their Amish furniture experts are known for manufacturing furniture with high-quality, solid wood products that are passed down from generation to generation.  Between using the best solid wood available and partnering with a premier Amish finisher, Archbold Furniture is committed to providing long-lasting furniture sets to all customers. 

Archbold Custom & Affordable Furniture

We believe purchasing hand-crafted furniture doesn’t have to break the bank.  Archbold Furniture offers a wide range of bedroom collections, dressers & chests, and dining tables that are high-quality – all at an affordable price.  Archbold’s affordable Amish furniture will add a unique touch to your home, and we guarantee you’ll be looking to add more to your collection in the near future.

Archbold Mix-and-Match Finishes & Hardware

From standard furniture builds to “design-your-own” furniture, you’re able to customize every aspect of your local Amish collection with Archbold Furniture.  With tens of custom Amish color options and a handful of hardware options – ranging from traditional to modern – there’s something for everyone.  Simply check out all the available options for the furniture you’re interested in, and our expert woodworkers will do the rest.

Archbold Virtual Showroom

If you’re finding it difficult to get a feel for Amish furniture from the comfort of your own home, check out the Virtual Amish Showroom at Archbold Furniture.  You can view the general furniture set-up and get a better idea of what colors and pieces may work in your home – even before visiting a store in-person.

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Whether you are looking for online or in-store advice on Archbold furniture in Michigan for your next redesign, our professional designers can help you create the perfect presence for your home today.

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