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Your Local Furniture Store Serving the Bloomfield Community

At Fenton Home Furnishings, we pride ourselves on providing the Bloomfield community with top-of-the-line American furniture. With over three decades of dedicated service, we’ve become a trusted source for those seeking to transform their living spaces into something remarkable. Our commitment to offering a wide selection of furniture that combines style, comfort, and durability sets us apart.

Whether you’re furnishing your living room, dining room, bedroom, or home office, our showroom features an array of choices to suit various tastes and budgets. Our experienced and friendly team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect pieces to match your vision. Plus, with customizable options and competitive pricing, we aim to make your furniture shopping experience as enjoyable and affordable as possible.

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Find great savings on furniture. You’ll find many items below cost, including discontinued items, surplus stock, cancellations, new items, and more. Quality furniture on sale at Fenton Home Furnishings.

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Why Does Fenton Home Furnishings Sell Amish Furniture? Should you buy it?

Amish furniture stands out for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, it’s known for its exceptional durability and quality. Crafted from selected hardwoods, each piece is built to last and showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Furthermore, the Amish artisans pay meticulous attention to detail, resulting in flawless and timeless designs. When you purchase Amish furniture, you support local craftsmanship and communities in and outside Michigan. The commitment to sustainable practices and local sourcing makes Amish furniture environmentally friendly and ethical. Additionally, the customizability of Amish furniture allows you to have a hand in creating a distinctive piece tailored to your exact specifications, ensuring it perfectly complements your space.

At Fenton Home Furnishings, we believe in offering our Bloomfield customers more than just furniture; we offer a legacy, an enduring statement of quality, style, and tradition that will be a cherished part of your home for generations to come.

Elevate Your Furniture Shopping Experience with an Interior Decorator

Enhance your furniture shopping experience with the valuable assistance of an interior decorator. Fenton Home Furnishings recognizes that your home serves as a canvas for your personal style, and we’re dedicated to making your shopping journey enjoyable and stress-free. That’s why we offer complimentary interior decorating services to all our customers. Our skilled interior decorators bring aesthetic expertise and a deep understanding of your unique preferences and requirements. They will take your vision and skillfully curate a space that reflects your personality and style, whether aiming for a cozy rustic ambiance, a modern and sleek look, or a timeless and traditional feel. We’re not just a furniture store but your partner in creating a home that resonates with you. By collaborating with our interior decorators, you can navigate our vast selection of furniture, colors, and accessories to craft a well-designed, functional space that is both visually appealing and uniquely yours.

Explore our Furniture Showroom Near Bloomfield, Michigan

We invite you to explore our furniture showroom, where you can discover exceptional craftsmanship, unmatched customer care, and an array of limitless design opportunities that have become synonymous with Fenton Home Furnishings. Your path to creating a home adorned with exquisite furnishings begins here at Fenton Home Furnishings.