Use an Interior Designer to Refresh Your Living Room

Tired of your current living room look?  Need a few additional furniture pieces to add some pizzazz to your home?  Whether you are looking for help with furniture re-arranging or a full-on re-design, an interior designer can help you achieve a living room look you’re proud of.  Even better, Fenton Home Furnishings designers are no cost to you!

Use a Designer

An interior designer – or decorator – can help you with a design project from start to finish.  From living room color pallet to style and furniture to layout, you can expect expert design services. Our designers have a range of experience and are able to work with a variety of trends and styles, as well as budgets.

Identifying Your Style and Inspiration

When meeting with a designer, it’s important to know three things: what type of style you are interested in, what your budget is, and the amount of time you would like the project to take.  It can be difficult to understand what style you want to choose for your new living room, so we recommend looking at magazines, model homes, and portfolios for inspiration.

Here are a few of these key questions to ask a designer before you start:

  • What design services do you offer? What should I expect?  All designers offer a slightly different process and approach; example services may include an initial consultation, living room measurement, design concepts, and purchasing the items.
  • How do you define your design style? Where do you get your inspiration?  Make sure to ask what styles define your designer, so you can get a better idea of whether their style will match yours. 
  • Have you ever made a mistake on a project? How did you handle it?  Sometimes, mistakes happen.  You want to make sure your designer can handle any mishaps with professionalism and grace.
  • How do you prioritize your clients’ budget throughout the project? The last thing you want is your project to run over by 20-30%.  Talk with your designer about the budget at the beginning and over the course of the project.

As you take the next steps toward finding your living room designer, we hope these tips help.  As always, Fenton Home Furnishings is here to help with any design needs or questions.  Whether you are in the market for basic design services or exceptional room makeovers, let our expert design team know.