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Melissa’s expertise is room planning. And she’ll help you find the right pieces that capture your design style and dreams. With a knack for refurbishing furniture, she’s great at sharing the special qualities of wood pieces.



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Lindsey is our creative spirit. Whether it’s in the kitchen, for the home or for an event, she astonishes with her end results. Rest assured she’ll transform your space into something you’ll love to come home to whatever your style and budget.



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Kim loves working with individual customers. Whether your project is big or small, she is always happy to help. She’ll come out to your home to find what it is you need. From there, she’ll find the right pieces to complete your home – whether it’s a new sofa, bookcase, window treatments, wall art or even paint color. She is a true treasure with exceptional design experience and style.



Designer Haley | Frankenmuth | Fenton Home Furnishings

Click here for Haley.

Haley is a passionate young designer with a love for people and creating the perfect space, no matter the budget or style. Her degree in Textile Design and Interior Design experience will give you the confidence in the materials you choose and the layout of your home. Creating a space you love to live in is what Haley strives for and she can’t wait to help you do just that!




Click here for Emily.

At the end of the day you should have a place to go to relax and feel peace. That is always Emily’s goal for her customers. Interior design has excited her since childhood. Solving layout issues comes easy to her, and functionality is a top priority. She listens to customer’s likes and dislikes to narrow down furniture, textiles and color options. You’ll end up with a space and furnishings that truly reflect you!



Click here for Maria.

Working as an Interior Designer in a furniture store allows Maria to help people who otherwise might not be able to afford the services of a professional Interior Designer. That can be very rewarding. Maria is an Interior Designer through and through, which means that she’s at her best with clients who don’t just need one particular item, but are trying to furnish a whole room or home. People seek out the help of an Interior Designer because they find the process of home design overwhelming – so many decisions that need to be made from the myriad of choices can be challenging and stressful; but that’s exactly what Maria’s trained to do — wrangle and coordinate all the little details while keeping an eye on the big picture.