How Long Does Amish Furniture Last?

How Long Does Amish Furniture Last?

Amish furniture is made from high-quality wood in the United States by skilled craftsmen from hardwoods like oak, cherry, maple, walnut, and hickory. The furniture is durable and well-made and can last several decades due to craftsmanship. This furniture is made by local craftsmen and supports local businesses. This furniture is eco-friendly, low maintenance, features unique custom-made pieces and has different styles of woodworking.

Eco-Friendly Aspects of Amish Furniture

The craftsmen who make Amish furniture never use electricity to power their tools. Their tools are hand-powered, and the wood used is sustainably sourced from local lumber yards and forests. They do not use harmful chemicals or additives in their furniture. The Amish never mass-produce their furniture but make pieces that are custom-designed and sell well. The furniture lasts decades because the wood is durable and easy to care for. It is biodegradable and can be returned to the earth to decompose naturally.

Easy To Maintain

The furniture is easy to maintain by dusting regularly with a soft cloth or paper towel and polishing with a non-wax polish to keep your pieces looking new. It should be polished a few times a year to keep it looking good. Each piece is hand-stained, and this keeps it from getting scratches and dings in the wood. They use low VOC stains and polish on their furniture that is environmentally safe. These craftsmen use as much wood as possible, and this leads to little waste in the process.

Different Styles of Furniture Design

One style of Amish furniture is the Shaker style, a straightforward design that highlights curves and tapered legs. This makes the furniture more stable and sturdier and less likely to tip over. They use wooden knobs and handles to maintain a simple look to the furniture design. You will never find any ornamental design or inlays in this style of design. Mission style Amish Furniture has a well-balanced look with straight angles and lines in the design. The artisanship is shown in the slats and joinery used to reinforce the furniture. They use black metal or diamond-shaped knobs on the pieces. Most Amish sofas are built to order and last many years.

Customized Pieces of Amish Furniture

Amish furniture craftsmen make customized pieces of furniture for all the rooms in the house. You can buy bookcases, coffee tables, dining room sets, entertainment centers, rockers, sofas, chairs, bar stools, beds, dressers, drawers, nightstands, and office furniture.

Contact us to learn more about our customized furniture pieces and how we can customize orders to meet your needs. Our Amish furniture lasts for years and is made of sustainable materials.