How to Choose Furniture That Will Last

How to Choose Furniture That Will Last.

Fenton Home Furnishings have put together a guide for you to help choose furniture that will last.  Take a look at the factors worth considering when buying new furniture for your home:

Ask about the Materials

Long-lasting furniture needs to be built from long-lasting materials.  When choosing furniture, look for real materials instead of manmade alternatives.  Real wood and leather are good options for long-lasting furniture; but make sure to check the timber and leather before buying.

Although soft wood (cedar, pine, redwood) may be less expensive, it’s best to go with a harder wood (birch, cherry, oak) that resists cracking.  If deciding to purchase a leather piece of furniture, make sure the piece uses hard-wearing hides instead of a faux leather to ensure the highest durability.  If you can, avoid manmade materials like bonded leather, MDF, and laminates, since these materials will deteriorate, split, and peel over time.

Check the Craftsmanship

Common signs of low-quality furniture include loose screws, unfinished seams, and hard padding.  Examine the structure of the furniture and ensure all the seams are finished and nothing wobbles.  It’s also important to open and close any doors to check the furniture’s hardware for squeaking, wobbling, and weak joints.

Consider the Price

Buying well-crafted furniture will save you money in the long run.

Visit your local Fenton Home Furnishings store today to test out our furniture today.  As safety is our top priority, we ensure proper social distancing, face mask requirements, and high sanitation expectations are met.  Discuss your needs and ideas with one of our designers, so you can make the most of your furniture purchase.