5 living room design trends to consider in 2021

2020 was a defining year for the relationship with our homes.  From creating cozy work-from-home spaces to homeschooling spaces and in-home gyms, many of us have changed our homes significantly in the past year.  If you are continuing on the design and renovation train, there are a few aesthetics that have grown popular in 2021.  With design styles like modern farmhouse, white kitchens, and open floor plans on their way out, check out some of the styles on their way in, so you can choose aesthetically pleasing pieces for your updated living room:


With more people spending time at home, it’s not a surprise that cottagecore – a nostalgic, comfortable home design – is on the rise. The cottagecore trend can be described as simplistic, mixed with elements of glamour, to create a luxe traditional cabin feel.  Mix vintage motifs with a muted, pastel pallet and statement gold accessories for a look to remember.  And if you need more ideas, read how you can turn your current living room into a cozy hideaway.

Natural Elements

As homeowners and apartment renters alike are looking for comfort with styles like cottagecore, they are seeking incorporating of natural elements in the living room as well.  Many are looking to bring the outside in with more natural light, multiple layers, warm textures, and lots of greenery.  If you thought the indoor plant trend peaked in the 1970s, check again, because the modern houseplant craze is back.

Yellow & Gray

This year, Pantone introduced not one – but two – colors of the year: illuminating yellow and ultimate gray.  According to Pantone, the two independent colors resemble strength and hope that is both enduring and uplifting.  If you’re looking to add some positivity to your living room design, this Pantone color combination is worth taking a look.


2020 meant trip cancellations for most, so what’s a better way to introduce these global memories than a bit of wanderlust?  In the next year, expect to see your friends and family adding authentic, global pieces to their living spaces.  Addition of textured, patterned pillows, lamps, and other accessories is the perfect way to rejuvenate your décor, while still keeping it classy.

Textured Details

Instead of going all out on big, bold colors and patterns, many homeowners are adding subtle textural details to living spaces.  Textured details can easily add warmth and personality to your living room without the business of larger textual pieces, such as a big print.  If you’ve always liked that bouclé fabric couch, oversized jute rug, or collection of seagrass baskets, 2021 is the year to purchase.

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