How to Pick the Right Amish Dining Room Set for Your Home

The furniture industry is huge, and according to IBIS, in 2019 the United States furniture industry has sold about 10.28 billion dollars’ worth of goods. Among the furniture sold, Amish furniture held its top spot as one of the most popular options. So how can you decide which Amish dining room set is right for you? Keep reading to learn some great tips you can use to decide.

Start With the Shape

Finding the perfect Amish dining room set starts with deciding what shape of table you would like as your centerpiece. The table shape is an important consideration because it sets the tone for the room. Do you prefer a square, rectangle, or round-shaped table? In some cases, the decision is based on the size of your dining room. If the room is square, go with a square or round table. If the room is rectangular, then a rectangular-shaped table will work better.

How Much Seating Do You Need?

You should figure out how much seating you need in your dining room before going ahead and buying an Amish dining room set. You can find dining room sets that come with four chairs, six chairs, eight chairs, ten chairs, and beyond. It’s always a good idea to plan enough seating for your immediate family and a couple of extra for guests. Of course, space plays a role in how much seating you can have. Consider the size of the room and your seating needs to find the best set for your dining room space.

Choose the Wood Tone

Amish dining room sets are always made from hardwood, but that doesn’t mean your wood tones are limited. You can go with a lighter-toned wood finish to offset a darker room, or a darker wood finish to offset a lighter room. You can also choose whatever finish you prefer. Your dining room table and chair set can make your room look as elegant as you want just from the color.

Amish furniture is built to last, so investing in an Amish dining room set is one of the best furniture investments you will make. The furniture will become a family heirloom that will be in your family for generations. Reach out to Fenton Home Furnishings to look through our extensive inventory of Amish furniture and order your new dining room set today.