Learn Why Fenton Home Furnishings Is Your One Stop for Amish Furniture in Michigan

With the holiday season upon us, a festive makeover is not the only makeover on homeowners’ minds.  From the well-loved living room to the master bedroom, a room makeover can be quick, easy, and fun – especially with your friends at Fenton Home Furnishings.  Learn why Fenton Home Furnishings is your one-stop-shop for a home makeover as we head into the new year:


Easy to Find Quality and Value

Whether you’re looking for a new mattress or a recliner to become your favorite living room seat, you can find it at Fenton Home Furnishings.  Whereas other furniture stores may skimp on the furniture quality, we care about your home.  We want to make sure you can make your home uniquely yours and have long-lasting furniture.  Feel free to shop our Black Friday Deals or Big Chair Sale – where you can save up to 30% off all chairs.


Large Furniture Inventory

Every homeowner has a unique style, and we are in business to make sure we can meet your stylistic needs.  As we specialize in Amish furniture, we also carry many furniture brands for sofas, dining room tables, bedroom furniture, and more – making Fenton Home Furnishings your one-stop-shop for all your home’s furniture.  Let us know if you’re looking for an entire home makeover or a single piece of furniture, and we can help get you started.


Unique Types of Amish Furniture

Fenton Home Furnishings partners with Amish craftsmen for time tested, quality furniture.  We can work with you to determine the style, wood, finish, and hardware, so your piece is custom made and fits with your existing décor.  As our craftsmen are experts at building Amish tables, sofas, and dining room tables, no piece of furniture is too intricate to make.  If you’re looking for heirloom furniture to pass on generation after generation, you cannot go wrong with purchasing Amish hand-crafted furniture.


Free Home Design Consultation

Even when you find the perfect furniture for your home, it can be overwhelming to put all the pieces together.  That’s why we offer free interior design services.  With help from one of our design specialists, we’ll make sure to bring your home décor ideas to life in the best way possible.  No matter if you’re still choosing your furniture or deciding on a few final touches, get in contact with our expert designers to help you through the interior design process.  We’re happy to stop by your home, or you can come into the store for a personalized design experience.


In Conclusion

If you’re looking for custom-made, heirloom furniture and expert interior designers to support your style, contact us with your questions and needs.  We’re here to make your home makeover as simple as possible and cannot wait to work with you on your project.