Questions to Ask Your Furniture Store Designer

Is it time to make a trip to the local furniture store? If your furniture is outdated or torn, it’s time for a refresh. However, instead of buying already-made pieces, why not have some custom items made for your home? When doing so, here are a few questions you should ask your local furniture designer.

Do You Have a Portfolio?

You want to see what type of work your local furniture designer creates before hiring them. They may have a very traditional style or create very alternative-looking pieces. Either way, you want to rest assured that they can create something you’ll proudly display in your home and comfortably sit on.

What Materials Do You Use?

Some furniture designers have a specialty they work in. For example, some designers exclusively use wood. Others exclusively use metal or a range of materials. Whether it’s an Amish heirloom furniture set or handcrafted dining table designs, maintenance will be easier if you know how various cleaning materials will interact with your new decor.

What is The Average Lifespan of This Piece?

Nothing lasts forever, and your furniture is the same. A typical sofa can last about eight years. According to Vintage Mill Werks, solid wood furniture lasts 10 to 15 years before fading or cracks may occur.

What Are the Payment Options?

Always be clear about the payment options before enlisting their professional services. According to Luxury Wood Interiors, you can expect to pay $200 to $12,000 for a custom-made piece. If your commissioned work is on a higher end, you may want to see if there’s a payment plan option. Plus, some businesses may only take certain types of credit cards.

What Are Delivery Options?

Make sure you understand what the delivery options are. Any professional furniture store will offer some delivery options. Your designer may use UPS, DHS, or their in-house delivery service with various delivery times and express options.

Is There a Warranty?

A warranty is handy if something goes wrong after the purchase. It may last for a year or a few years. Check to see if your furniture store offers that protection for you. After all, it’s a custom piece and may be very expensive to repair, depending on the intricacy of the design and material.

Are you looking for an Amish heirloom furniture set to help you revamp your home? Contact our local furniture design professionals today so we can design the custom piece of your dreams. We’d be happy to help you furnish your space!