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Therapedic Approach To Furniture

Therapedic International first began crafting their mattresses in a single mattress factory. Not only crafting the finest mattresses, but the foundations too. With Theapedic’s patented technology and customer-centered mindset, Therapedic quickly grew its company to be one of the top ten mattress brands in America. From a single mattress factory, to becoming one of the largest mattress companies in the world, Therapedic has continued to innovate for the best mattress comfort and sleep possible.  With quality craftsmanship and exceptional value, Therapedic continues to build on its heritage by developing such products with this mind-set.

Fenton Home Furnishings is a premium provider of all Therapedic mattresses in Michigan. You can shop Therapedic mattresses below or visit the Therapedic site to view all mattress models.

Therapedic Mattresses Withstand the Test of Time

Since 1957 Therapedic mattresses have been the premium mattress of choice for many mattress shoppers seeking a great night’s sleep. With patented technology, Therapedic mattresses are built to last. From traditional steel cool and upholstery mattresses to new visco-foam mattresses, Therapedic has a mattress for you that will last many years.

Therapedic Mattress Styles

4 mattress styles to choose from:

  • Innerspring Mattress: Traditional mattress made of steel coils and upholstery.
  • Hybrid Mattress: Combination of wrapped coils and foam.
  • Specialty Mattress: Made with specialty foams for those seeking unique comfort.
  • Heavy-Duty Mattress: Combination of foam and spring systems.

Therapedic Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring is the traditional mattress you are probably most familiar with. Primarily made of steel coils and upholstery. If you are looking for comfort, the innerspring mattress offers balanced support by absorbing the weight of your body.

Therapedic Hybrid Mattress

Combining a steel coil system with foam that can contain gel or other materials. The Therapedic hybrid mattresses are perfect for someone looking for the combined benefits of a traditional spring bed mattress and new advanced foam mattresses.

Therapedic Specialty Mattress

Our specialty mattresses are made for a customer who is looking for a unique feel at night. Made from specialty foams that can be manufactured in a variety of densities to better support your weight at night.

Therapedic Heavy-Duty Mattress

Mattresses built with any body size in mind. Therapedic’s heavy duty mattresses use a conforming spring system and the highest quality foams to better support your body at night. With sturdy edges on each side your mattress will with stand time.

Therapedic Mattress Collections

Offering a wide selection of Therapedic mattresses for sale in Michigan. Browse all new mattress types on the Therapedic site too.

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