What are the benefits of lift chairs?

If you’re looking for a step up from a recliner, a lift chair may be the best option for you.  As we get older, the more difficult it gets to do everyday activities.  A lift chair can help you overcome your daily obstacles – such as sitting and getting up from the living room chair.  Deigned to help you be more independent, learn why Fenton Home Furnishings frequently recommends lift chairs to clients:

Deciding on a Lift Chair Over a Recliner

The most common reason for getting a lift chair is independence.  The ability to remain independent increases quality of life, and a lift chair aids in this.  As a recliner is typically manually operated, a lift chair can be used with a push of a button, allowing you to easily get from a seated to vertical position.  Fenton Home Furnishings recommends lift chairs for those with arthritis of the hips and knees, circulation problems, and back pain, to help you easily get back on your feet.

Benefiting from a Lift Chair

Lift chairs are known to provide excellent benefits to both the owner and caregiver.  Caregivers often must complete patient transfers, which can be cumbersome – and even dangerous – for many patients.  A lift chair reduces the risk of injury to both the patient and caregiver, allowing for better overall care.

In addition to increased quality of life and mental health, a lift chair also helps with mobility and posture.  As most lift chairs are adjustable, better posture is encouraged through multiple seat positions and settings.  You can even get some lift chairs with heat and massage options!  On top of this, lift chairs are also known to reduce pain and increase comfort by assisting in movement and maintaining muscle tone.

Choosing a Lift Chair

As we mentioned earlier, lift chairs come with a variety of different positioning features.  Before you decide to purchase a lift chair for yourself or a loved one, know the differences between the most common lift chairs available on the market:

  • Infinite position lift chairs are known for reclining all the way to floor in a flat position. These are considered higher-end chairs which allow for the feet to rest above the heart.
  • Zero gravity lift chairs reduce stress on the lower back and spine by allowing the feet to raise to the same level as the heart.

Looking to invest in a lift chair?  Contact us at Fenton Home Furnishings.  Out expert designers are here to help you find the right lift chair for your health and design preference.