Why is it Taking Longer for Furniture Delivery in 2021?

If you’re looking at a six to nine month wait on newly ordered furniture, you’re not alone.  Customers all around the world are experiencing the supply chain delays.  From the unprecedented COVID-19 virus to the blockage of the Suez Canal, there are a number of reasons why companies are facing shipping and labor shortages.

As customers take advantage of Labor Day holiday sales in September, we still may see some of these shortages and delays affect furniture delivery.  Learn more about why your furniture delivery may take longer than expected and what Fenton Home Furnishings is doing to help:

Foam Shortages

Interestingly enough, lack of foam has been problematic at every step of the supply chain.  Foam is a key component in many furnishings including upholstered furniture cushions, outdoor furniture cushions, and mattresses.  Foam usage in manufacturing and packaging processes has not helped the case for speedy delivery, which ultimately impacts you – the consumer.

Short Staffing

Many furniture companies are seeing short-staffing in all factories, resulting from COVID-19 inspired delays.  An increase in infections and quarantines, paired with a strong demand for furniture for work-from-home arrangements and home sales, has left companies wondering how to resolve the issue.  In the past year alone, we’ve seen annual furniture sales increase by nearly 30% – which is difficult to account for from a supply chain perspective.

Shipping Price Increases & Shortages

Outside of truck delivery, furniture is also shipped using ocean freight, rail, and plane.  Some freight shipping fees have nearly quadrupled in price, leaving furniture companies to either pay a steep price for quick shipping or a lower price in exchange for prolonged delays.  In addition, storage space has decreased – especially with plane delivery – due to decreased flight capacity with associated pandemic restrictions.  Inclement weather and truck driver shortages have only added to the delays.

In Conclusion

There is not just one element that is resulting in delays in furniture delivery, which makes it difficult to fix.  With shortages in both materials and labor, as well as major price increases in shipping containers, furniture companies have faced a challenge in delighting customers with exceptional experiences.  At Fenton Home Furnishings, we aim to please our customers by offering the quickest delivery we can provide.  Although some of our products are on backorder, we have plenty of products ready to ship.

If you’re interested in a specific piece of furniture, simply hit the “make an inquiry for this product” button located on all our product pages.  We will get back to you on your questions and an estimated time for delivery.  Thank you for support your local business, Fenton Home Furnishing!