Why You Should Buy New Amish Furniture Before Summer

Amish furniture occupies a special place of pride. For someone whose home has many pieces built with modern materials like particle board, the solid hardwood and timeless aesthetics of Amish home furnishings are aspirational. Amish furniture can tie together the look and feel of your house or apartment. It gives a homey, rustic feeling that is unlike anything else.

In 2018, U.S. consumers spent $114 billion on furniture, according to ComfyLiving. Amish home furnishings are a great investment that you should consider adding to your living room before summer, and here’s why.

Understanding the Background and Quality of Amish Furniture

The Amish are a group of Germanic-descended Mennonite Christian communities centered in the American Midwest. Their community’s range across the Northern states from Minnesota to New York. They eschew unnecessary modern conveniences. The Amish lifestyle ignores air conditioning and minimizes the use of the Internet. Modern Amish people use electrical appliances for business but prefer traditional methods. Amish communities make money by selling the products of their lifestyles to people outside their community. Amish quilts, foodstuffs like dairy and pastries, and Amish home furnishings are popular and sought-after for their traditional elegance.

Late Winter and Early Spring Are the Best Times to Buy

Websites like thespruce.com, dolly.com, and even financial guru site NerdWallet agree: late winter is one of the best times to buy furniture. Furniture stores’ winter selections are liquidated during this period for the introduction of their spring and summer furniture lines. Even a specialty line like Amish furniture can have steep discounts, making it very affordable.

You Should Shop on President’s Day

President’s Day sales come around in the third weekend of February. President’s Day is one of the three major furniture store holidays. While Memorial Day might be more conducive to shopping, being in the late spring and having more pleasant weather, President’s Day is a great choice if you live in a Southern state or are a very cold-tolerant Northerner. President’s Day sales happen around one of the year’s major inventory changeovers: the switch from fall/winter inventory to spring/summer. A sharp eye at a President’s Day sale can find a great deal.

Like their famous quilts, Amish furniture is a beautiful, durable addition to any home. Winter and spring are great times to add new furniture to your home. You will get your new piece in time to enjoy your beautiful, hand-crafted furniture all summer long. Contact us today to learn more.